Graco Turbo go review : The Best Car Booster Seats for Travel

Graco Turbo go review

Graco brings another simple and advantageous best graco turbo go booster seat to the market to make life simpler for guardians and kids. Who says a travel booster seat needs to cost far too much? Graco is one of the most significant vehicles booster seat producers on the planet. In this graco turbo go review, you will be able to differentiate between the benefits of the different graco turbo go seats. As of late, they’ve come out with some intriguing collapsing booster seats for the general population!


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Graco Turbo goes review :

While the objective client is presumably more to fabricate an extraordinary best turbo booster seat carpooling, it could make an incredible alternative for globetrotting families and is a decent expansion to the developing rundown of collapsing vehicle seats.

In any case, is it the correct booster seat for your family? Right now, hands-on Graco Turbo G.O. audit you’ll discover what it is, how to utilize it, and you’ll see some accommodating certifiable correlations with other booster seats.

What is the Graco Turbo G.O. booster seat?

From the start, the Graco Turbo G.O. is an extremely straightforward, backless booster seat. It has a considerable seating zone, enormous belt guides… and very little else.

There are no cup holders. Here is no molded cushioning. And no lower grapples to keep it set up when it doesn’t have a child sitting on it. It’s only… graco turbo go review folding backless booster.

Be that as it may, the Graco Turbo G.O. has the one extremely clever stunt. At the point when you need to take it on a plane, store it in the storage compartment for crisis utilize or even send it with your kid for a carpool, it phenomenally creases down the middle. No particular switches, switches or triggers and no changes required.

Graco Turbo go

Simply snatch the back and give it some reasonable old real effort while you’re seeing it topsyturvy and it’ll overlap similar to a book! Its tremendous red belt guides move alongside the back portion of the seat with the goal that they’re securely put away on the sides when it collapsed. They consequently go directly once more into the right spot when you click it open.

While more youthful, littler booster riders may need to rehearse a little to give enough power, it ought to be no issue for the more seasoned children who are the intended interest group.

Who is this Graco backless booster seat for?

I suggested above to more established children being the intended interest group. While the base load for the Graco Turbo G.O. is 40 pounds, the base stature is 43″. On healthy children will hit that tallness somewhere in the range of 5 and 6 years of age; however, my more established one didn’t make it until 7 years of age, and my 5.5-year-old is no place close.

For backless boosters, by and large, I suggest a base age of 6 years of age. Indeed, even at 5 (or 6) years of age, numerous children, despite everything, need the help of a highback booster (or a tackled vehicle seat) to sit appropriately 100% of the time. A highback booster is commonly progressively agreeable for them also.

Graco Turbo goes review :

If you need a collapsing highback booster for your 5 or 6-year-old, certainly think about the crease – you can peruse my top to the bottom survey here.

On the off chance that you need a backless booster seat for travel or brisk carpool rides, the Graco turbo go review could be an extraordinary decision if your 6-year-old is sufficiently large and adult enough. For full-time use, I would consider the Graco Turbo G.O. for a long time 7 and up.

Graco Turbo go


What’s incredible about this seat is the convenience. Your child can effortlesslytransfer this seat with them. They can sit down with them to use in a companion’s car, grandmother’s car, a second parent’s car, or some other transportation needs your family may require.

At long last, the seat pulls separated nearly down the middle, and the belt positioners overlay in to take into account movability. The seatback easily creases done in not more than seconds for the two children and grown-ups to take into consideration simple use and considerably simpler arrangement.

Cost and Space of Graco turbo go review folding backless booster

The cost of the Turbo G.O. Folding Booster Seat will easily fit into any financial limit. A reasonable cost permits you to buy products. Keep one at grandmother’s home or in another car. Even though, because the seat is so versatile, you genuinely don’t have to purchase a second, and you can set aside significantly more cash.

The seat occupies next to no room at 14 crawls across with the belt guides arrangement. This implies you can fit three of these booster seats over the secondary lounge of most vehicles. On the off chance that you have three children in car seats or boosters, this implies the Turbo G.O. Booster Seat will fit better in the littler center seat and permit you to fit three seats over.

Appearance and Care of Graco turbo go review folding backless booster car seat

The front of the seat falls off in a straightforward development with snares in the back for connection. Washing is simple – hurl it in the clothes washer and dribble dry. Abstain from utilizing dye and the dryer.

Graco’s booster comes in four unique hues, including splendid pink, a grass green, a record blue, and a dull dark. Psyche you, these hues are just the texture of the seat, not merely the seat.

In any case, the belt positioners are reliably red no matter how you look at it, and the base stays dull dark despite the texture shading.

Safety of Graco booster seat

A couple of alerts inside the guidance manual will assist you with guarding your child.

Continuously supplant a car seat or backless booster seatafter a mishap. Additionally, the American Academy of Pediatricians (AAP) suggests that children utilize a car seat with an inherent outfit to the extent that this would be possible.

This would be until they arrive at the most extreme front aligned weight and additionally tallness of their car seat.

Most children require a booster seat until they arrive at 4 feet 10 inches (or 145 cm) in tallness. Make a point to check your state’s necessities, as they can change regularly.

Additionally, check government laws as those frequently change too. At last, check AAP and NHTSA proposals for car seat utilization.

Graco Turbo go

Store the booster seat manual in a little pocket on the base of the seat for simple reference later on.

Additionally, Graco car seats, similar to the various top producers, meet and frequently surpass government safety necessities, or they would not be allowed to sell them.

In any case, a few seats exceed expectations much further in the territory of safety, similar to the Turbobooster that got a top honor from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

At long last, the booster seat has been built and tried to satisfy or surpass U.S. guidelines FMVSS 213, just as tried for crashes and to meet or surpass U.S. safety guidelines. Undoubtedly it is one of the best backless booster seats.

Different Considerations

The seat can’t be utilized on a plane, as most aircraft are not intended for booster seats. When a child is mature enough for a booster, they can easily clasp themselves into planes lap belts just as fix them adequately for safety purposes.

Make a point to check all stickers on the seat for essential data like the date of production. This seat can be utilized for a long time after the date of assembling. This means you might have the option to utilize the booster seat for more than one child, contingent upon what different seats you have just bought. The sticker for the date is on the underside of the seat.Undoubtedly it is the best highback booster car seat.

Graco 4Ever Extend2Fit 4 in 1 Car Seat

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Give your large child a lift. Stacked with comfort highlights for kids, the Graco Turbo Booster Highback Booster Seat helps ensure your developing child, from 40-100lb.* This 2-in-1 seat changes over from a highback to a bare-backed booster as your huge child develops. Children love cool advantages like the hideaway cup holders and solace highlights, particularly the height-adjustable head support and cushioned, height-adjustable armrests. Guardians love that it helps secure their child by raising them up to the correct height for the seat belt.

Open-circle belt guides help appropriately position the vehicle seat belt to consider autonomous self-clasping. This seat is Graco ProtectPlus Engineered to help secure your child in frontal, side, back and rollover crashes.

*To keep on satisfying industry guidelines, we have expanded the weight least from 30 to 40lb

Graco Turbo goes review :

  • Helps securely transport your large child from 4-10 years of age, from 50-120lb* and up to 57 inches tall *To keep on satisfying industry guidelines, we have expanded the weight least from 30 to 40lb
  • 4-in-1 seat effectively changes over from a highback booster to bare-backed booster for a considerable length of time of utilization
  • EPS, vitality engrossing froth for viable effect the board
  • Completely adjustable and multi-layer headrest, cushioned, height-adjustable armrests and cover up away cup holders will help keep your child content out and about This seat is built and crash tried to fulfill or surpass US guideline FMVSS 213
  • Graco Protect Plus Engineered: a blend of the most thorough accident tests that helps to secure your child in frontal, side, back and rollover crashes; extra testing dependent on the New Car Assessment Program and for extraordinary vehicle inside temperatures
  • Graco Turbo goes review :

  • The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) prescribe that children should utilize the implicit bridle framework for whatever length of time that conceivable until they arrive at the most extreme front aligned weight or height for their vehicle seat, and subsequent to arriving at the greatest front oriented weight or height, that children 4 feet 9 inches tall or under should ride in a belt-situating booster seat
  • Side-sway tried for inhabitant maintenance with a standard vehicle outfit framework in highback booster mode; if you don’t mind counsel your vehicle’s proprietor’s manual for increasingly explicit data on the presentation of your vehicle’s seat strap framework


Measurements (Overall): 26.5 inches (H) x 16.5 inches (W) x 15 inches (D)

Weight: 8.22 pounds

Highlights: Forward confronting seat

Incorporates: Cup Holder

Fits Child (Forward Facing): Height between 38 inches and 57 inches, Weight between 40 pounds and 100 pounds

Supportability Certifications: Meets Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards

Material: Metal, Plastic

Care and Cleaning: Machine wash, Clean with Water and mellow Detergent

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Graco 4Ever DLX 4 in 1 Car Seat | Infant to Toddler Car Seat, with 10 Years of Use, Fairmont

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Give your big kid a lift. Stacked with style and solace features for kids, our Graco Affix Highback Booster Seat with Latch System, Atomic helps ensure your developing child, from 50-100 lb. This is the seat children pick as regularly as guardians.

Kids love cool advantages like the cover up away cup holders and the “big kid” plan features, particularly the height-adjustable head support and cushioned, height-adjustable armrests. Guardians love that it helps ensure their child by raising them up to the correct height for the seat belt.

Key Features:

Helps securely transport your “big kid” from 50-100 lb

Thoroughly crash tested to meet or surpass U.S. wellbeing gauges

SafeSeat Engineered and crash tested to fulfill or surpass US guideline FMVSS 213

Make certain to check your neighborhood and state laws, just as AAP and NHTSA proposals, for vehicle seat utilization.

Side Impact Tested: The TurboBooster vehicle seat has been side effect tested for inhabitant maintenance with a standard vehicle saddle framework in high back booster mode. If you don’t mind counsel your vehicle’s proprietor’s manual for progressively explicit data on the exhibition of your vehicle’s seat strap framework.

More Details:

  • Seat back and base remain associated making the vehicle seat simple to convey
  • Multi-layer head rest for comfort
  • Full inclusion back help even as your child develops
  • The 2-in-1 usefulness effectively changes over to backless booster for quite a long time of utilization
  • EPS, vitality retaining froth for viable effect the executives
  • Completely adjustable headrest keeps your developing child secure
  • Open-circle belt guides help you effectively position your vehicle’s seat belt
  • Cushioned, height-adjustable armrests and cover up away cup holders keep kids grinning

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Graco Tranzitions 3 in 1 Harness Booster Seat, Proof

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Seat your child serenely in the Graco Backless Turbo Booster vehicle seat. This seat improves your child and permits you to attach it appropriately with the seat belt. Outfitted with retractable cup holders, it makes the ride increasingly charming. Its thick pad and cushioned armrests guarantee the solace of your child on the secondary lounge while you play the driver at the front.


  • Three-seat in a single seat: a five-point seat belt, a high-positioner for the rear belt, and a positioner for the belt without a back
  • It converts from a 5-point seat (22 to 65 lbs) to a high-belt positioning elevator (30 to 100 lbs) to a backless belt position elevator (40 to 100 lbs))
  • The simple and safe seat belt system adjusts the height of the belt and the headrest in one movement to ensure your child is always properly secured; the straps can be cleaned in places
  • AAP and NHTSA recommend that children use the built-in belt system until they reach the maximum front weight or height of the car seat, and after reaching the weight or maximum forward facing.
  • Side Effects Test New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) Maximum impact strength of approximately 2X standard car seats; maximum interior temperatures; the ring can be cleaned with a damp cloth.
  • Graco Turbo goes review :

The height of the model without the backrest is approx. 10 cm, and the dimensions of the seat shell are approx. 23 cm by approx. 38 cm. The child gets a comfortable seat on this seat. It is good that the shell itself has a little weight so that it does not go too much with the movements of the vehicle.

The processed material consists of 80% polyester and 20% polypropylene. The seat cover is removable and can then be washed. Should such a seat get dirty, cleaning is straightforward. It is also essential to have a safe and straightforwardbelt guide, which is time-saving for the parents. For this purpose, there is a red marking for the belt guides. It is the onlyGraco car backless booster seat with latch.

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Graco TurboBooster TakeAlong Backless Booster, Sonic

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The Backless Booster with Latch System helps securely transport “you’re big” from 40 to 100lbs. what’s more, up to 57 inches tall. This seat gives a protected association with your vehicle seat with its one-hand front-alter latch framework. With one hand, you can make a protected association utilizing your vehicle’s grapples to keep the booster consistently set up. The association makes sure about the booster seat to your vehicle seat and makes self-clasping simpler for your free child.

The seat has a coordinated cup holder and cover up away capacity compartment to keep child’s beverages and most loved things inside arm’s span. Guardians’ love that it ties down the booster to their vehicle seat and assistants in their child’s developing autonomy.

The cup holder must be introduced. Expel the cup holder from the compartment at the base of the base. Adjust tabs on side and base of cup holder with their spaces in base and press cup holder into place. Try not to expel the cup holder once it is appended. Reference the manual for these guidelines.

  • Front change permits you to rapidly and effectively fix the booster to the vehicle seat
  • Designed and crash tested to meet or surpass the US standard FMVSS 213
  • Cup holder keeps drinks or snacks helpful
  • A hideaway stockpiling compartment to store your child’s preferred things
  • Removable, machine launder able delicate products are anything but difficult to clean

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Graco TurboBooster LX High Back Booster Seat

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The Graco Affix Highback Booster Seat with Latch Systemis the booster children pick as frequently as parents. Kids love cool advantages like the hideaway cup holders and the “big kid” structure features, particularly the height-adjustable head support and cushioned, height-adjustable armrests. Parents love that this child seat helps guard their children.

 It has EPS, vitality retaining froth, and open-circle belt advisers for help guarantee legitimate seat belt situating. What’s more, when required, it effectively changes over from a high back child booster seat to a backless booster seat, giving you long stretches of utilization.


  • Helps securely transport your big kid from 3-10 years of age, from 30-100 lbs. what’s more, up to 57 inches tall.
  • Top of the line by driving purchaser magazines and productions
  • Thoroughly crash tested to meet or surpass U.S. security principles and console wellbeing cognizant parents

Introducing the seats takes no time by any means. The rear of the seat creases in for conveys ability. Flip the seat over and unfurl the collapsed in the area. This will naturally discharge the belt positioners. Presently the child is prepared to sit and utilize the vehicle’s seat belt.

The seat belt strings around the belt positioners. Ensure the seat belt sits flush against both belt positioners for the most secure and most secure fit.

A shoulder belt positioner is incorporated as well, so you can guarantee an appropriate fit of the seat belt over your child’s shoulder too.

The seat can be utilized anyplace in a car, except for the front seat. The rearward sitting arrangement is consistently the most secure spot for any child to sit.

Graco Turbo go

As I referenced over, the Graco Turbo G.O. is very easy to utilize. Simply unfurl it, put it on the vehicle’s seat and your child is prepared to lock in! While each booster seat has various principles about whether the shoulder belt goes under the belt guide or over the belt guide, on the Graco Turbo G.O., the shoulder belt goes under the belt guide.

If your youngster needs the shoulder belt to be a little lower, there’s a free shoulder belt guide included. The Graco Turbo G.O. offers, even more, a lift than something like the Bubblebum, so a few children may get a good fit without the agent – simply ensure the shoulder belt is reaching between the neck and the edge of the shoulder.

Graco Turbo goes review :

In general, I think the Graco Turbo G.O. is a smart little seat! Is it as progressive as some travel booster seat? No. In any case, that is alright. It carries out its responsibility; capacities well and occupy somewhat less room than booster that doesn’t overlap.

Regardless of whether your family isn’t arranging a lot of travel, the Graco Turbo G.O. is a firm decision to overlap up and toss in the storage compartment for a surprising carpool, as it’s one of the least expensive booster seats around.

The seatbelt fits very well on my 8-year-old, who is 47″ and around 55 pounds. He experienced no difficulty clasping it himself. However, I experienced severe difficulties in modifying the shoulder belt guide! It certainly won’t slide anyplace out of the blue, yet give yourself time and tolerance to change it the first run through.

Graco Turbo go

We’re fortunate to have many booster seats in our armory, and which one we take relies upon the conditions of each outing. Be that as it may, the Graco Turbo G.O. will join the turn as our children get greater and grow out of a portion of the other super-convenient choices.

I will say that my child promptly grumbled about the absence of cushioning. Possibly he’s ruined by the extravagant cushioning on his standard booster seat. However, I understand why Graco needed to go with a stripped-down spread to oblige the collapsing system.

In any case, I wouldn’t play to utilize it for a lengthy, difficult experience trip, in case there be an excessive number of grievances from the nut display. In case you’re getting ready for lengthy drives, look at these extra-agreeable booster seats.

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Advantages of the Graco Turbo G.O.

  • Medium load for a backless booster seat
  • Lighter than the Chicco gofit backless booster
  • lightweight backless booster seat
  • Simple to utilize
  • Good seatbelt fit
  • Amazingly Comfortable and narrow backless booster seat
  • Amazingly reasonable

Disadvantages of the Graco Turbo G.O

  • Least tallness rating powers out confident children who are experienced yet little for their ages
  • Restricted cushioning contrasted with top of the backless line boosters
  • Shoulder belt controller is hard to change

This Graco turbo go review booster seat is a Group 3 model. This means that it is particularly suitable for older children. Girls and boys up to 36 kilograms could use the Graco turbo go review seat well. However, the seat no longer belongs to class 2, so a child should not be too light either.

Graco Turbo goes review :

An advantage of the model is an adjustable backrest, which creates some advantages on the seat and for posture. The color of the graco turbo go review booster seat is black so that stains on the surface are not immediately visible. The model is also quite compact.

More compact solutions are not very common. It is an efficientgraco turbo go review booster seat with a padded cushion and height-adjustable armrests.

Other Details of the Graco turbo go review booster seat

The graco car seat boosterseems to be a practical model. Because many parents rate the graco turbo go review booster seat as a reliable option. Some parents have used the seat shell when traveling and are happy with the item in this connection.

Whether on the bus or on a plane, the Graco turbo go review booster Basic proves to be a good companion when traveling. Drinks can even be placed on the model, and the seat can be used as a chair cushion and as a cushion.

Many parents have been convinced that the Graco turbo go review seat is comfortable and practical. As a mobile solution, the seat does not initially appear to have any apparent defects.

Graco Turbo goes review :

Even the belt guide turns out to be understandable. Only in rare cases is the model considered to be too broad. Maybe the graco turbo may go booster seat in the back seat is a bit too wide for several children. This depends on the vehicle.

The Graco turbo go review seat with a price of around 40 euros may be theright choice. Quite a few users are convinced of this model and have had appealing experiences.

The graco turbo go review booster seat can ensure a high level of safety and can also offer a lot of comfort for parents and children. Together, safety and comfort are essential arguments for this Graco turbo go review booster seat, because, on short as well as long car journeys, it should satisfy the child in the back seat.


The Graco turbo go review seat is an item that is a good seat for a child when traveling or in a car. Short and long distances are easy to manage because comfort is generally pleasant. The model fits perfectly on most rear seats and ensures particularly useful safety there thanks to the amusing belt guide. If a boy or girl up to 36 kilograms is to be transported, such a seat is wonderfully suitable for mobile use.