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Best convertible rear facing car seat for small cars [Buying Guide] 2021

  American Academy of Pediatrics shares its latest study that children should be in a rear-facing car seat until they are two years old. They further elaborate that, having a best convertible rear facing car seat for small cars is an important gear for your kid safety, and one should not put their kids in a […]

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American Academy of Pediatrics shares its latest study that children should be in a rear-facing car seat until they are two years old. They further elaborate that, having a best convertible rear facing car seat for small cars is an important gear for your kid safety, and one should not put their kids in a forward-facing seat until they exceed the maximum weight limit of being in a rear-facing mode. As per their study, kids in a rear-facing car seat are five times safer compare to forward-facing.


That means, if something happens, your kid would have five times lesser chances of being harmed. So, that’s really something every parent would like to have for their children. We always want to make sure that our kids are as safe as possible.

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Being in the rear-facing mode is a secondary aspect, first is getting the best rear-facing convertible car seat for small cars. After all, that’s the seat where your kid is going to seat and if it does not come integrated with cutting-edge features your kid would be at risk. There is more than one thing that plays a significant role in making a car seat stands out.

A novice cannot even tell what to look into a car seat or which brand to opt-with.

Best convertible rear-facing convertible car seat for small cars

In this guide, we are going to pen down a detailed post consist of the best rear-facing convertible car seat for small cars.

So, stick to this guide and pay special attention to the car seat reviews. As, without reading these reviews, you never know which fits your needs.

1) Britax B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat

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If you are looking for a versatile car seat that is compatible with more than one travel system, get your hands on this. The car seat is produced by one of the top-leading brands in this niche; Britax. This is the top-rated and most followed product online and comes in hands at an affordable price range.

The infant car seat is also compatible with BOB single and Duallie stroller with just using an adapter.

The car seat is a breeze to install; you will not have a hard time installing it. The car seat looks good, going to make a good first impression. The car seat is also easy to switch from one car to the other without any hiccup.

Best convertible rear-facing car seat

The best infant convertible car seat for a small car comes with a baby pad to render ultimate comfort to your baby. Your baby is going to have a good time due to this integration. The integration of a canopy offers superior protection from the sun and other environmental hazards.

The car seat is specifically designed for the babies with a weight limit from 4 pounds to 35 pounds, with height inches up to 32 inches.

As per some parents, the seats are a little narrow for fat babies. So, for heavier babies, the car seat might not be a good option.


  • Compatible with multiple strollers
  • Comes with a newborn baby pad for ultimate comfort
  • A canopy that offers great protection from sun and other environmental hazards
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to switch from car to the other


  • Not an option for heavier kids
  • Fabric is not very breathable

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2) Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant rear-facing Car Seat

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This Chicco product is famous around the world and for good reasons. The car seat is very easy to install and lots of other cutting-edge features let you know whether the car seat is installed correctly or not. Such as its RideRight bubble level indicator, leveling food and other features let you know if the angle is right. So, you would be very less concerned about the safety of your baby if the car seat is onboard.

The best rear-facing car seat for small cars is not going to hurt your expensive car cover. The undercover of the car seat is very smooth, not very hard and rigid like other cars. So, it would not leave any scratches or indentations behind.

The car seat is compatible with Chicco as well as other top strollers. So, if you have a Chicco travel system, you are going to enjoy every second.

Best convertible rear-facing car seat

The car seat also includes removable heads and body support that ensures your baby is going to have a good time.

The weight limit of the car seat is mentioned between 4 to 30 pounds, and height up to 30 inches.

The car seat is the best grab, checks all the boxes right, but its maximum height and weight limit are bit low compare to other car seats of the same price.

And one more thing, some parents say that the canopy does not always stay on the place and provide little coverage.


  • Easy installation
  • Comes with multiple safety features
  • Recline sure spring feeling food ride right bubble level ensures the angle is right
  • Compatible with Chicco strollers and other top brands
  • Removable head and body support
  • Smooth on your car seat


  • Canopy does not stay in place
  • Heavy

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3) Graco 4Ever DLX 4 in 1 Car Seat

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Graco is a front-runner in producing baby products. The brand has many successful lines-up on its chest and this baby car seat series is one of them. The Graco 4ever DLX 4 in 1 car seat has dozens of advance features to offer ultimate safety and optimum comfort to the toddlers when riding.

This rear-facing convertible car seat protects your infants from 4 pounds to 50 pounds when riding.

Do you know the best part of the car seat is yet to come? That is, the car seat never retires, as soon as your child gets too big for the rear-facing; it converts into a forward-facing that holds up to 65 pounds of weight.

Its four-position extension panels let the parents adjust and have up to five inches legroom so that their kid could ride safely in rear-facing mode.

Best convertible rear-facing car seat

On the top of the extension panel, the car seat also integrates six-position reclines to render optimum comfort during the ride. Your kid would not feel restless and will have a good time in it.

Other than the extension of the leg panel, the rear-facing car seat also comes in 10 extra position features. That means, your kid can switch different position and it accommodates a growing kid.

It also comes with a feature where you can adjust the harness of the car seat with straps in. You can also change the head position in a straightforward motion.

These features make a good choice for the parents who are too busy and their arms are full need to get their child fully strapped while riding.

The cutting-edge car seat also features an insight latch system that lets the parents what their kid into place. All you have to do is have a look and sure if everything is in place.

Best convertible rear-facing car seat

The car seat has gone through a rigorous safety process. Their crash test exceeds the standards test by United States testing. So, have no safety fear in mind, and get your hands on this amazing product.

Through their test, they found that in any accident the kid in the seat was held in place due to the five-point harness system.

The car seat has machine washable covers. That means, if your baby drops something, cold drink or any other beverage, you can easily wash the covers in a washing machine.

The system also comes with two cup holders that make you share drinks with your kid without any hiccup.

The frame of the car seat is made of steel, so it will run for years. If you buy this car seat, rest assure, you will have no need to buy any other seat for almost a decade.


  • It meets and exceeds the international safety standards
  • Five-point harness system
  • Machine-washable seat cover
  • Steel reinforced frame
  • Latest insight Latch system lets parents behold their kid in a moment
  • A parent can adjust the harness with straps on
  • 4 in 1 car seat that converts easily into a forward-facing mode


  • A buyer mentioned that the car seat is uncomfortable for the baby to sleep in

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4) Evenflo EveryStage DLX All-in-One convertible rear-facing car seat for small cars

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If you are very conscious about the look of your car seat and need something that compliments your interior, have hands-on Evenflo EveryStage DLX convertible rear-facing car seat.

The car seat comes in eight different colors and helps you match your kid style or your own.

If you ask me to explain this car seat in a few words, I would say; compact, safe and comfortable. The car seat is the best value in our list and going to blow you away with its performance. It offers great fitting without losing comfort.

This comes with superior impact protection, and I would say, it withstand against any side-impact, front or rear impact without any hiccup.

If you buy this product, rest assure, you will not feel any need to buy any other seat. If your kid outgrows rear-facing, turn it into a forward-facing and get the right use of it. The rear-facing weight range of the seat goes up to 30 pounds.

Best convertible rear-facing car seat

It further integrates foam liner. The foam liner does not only offer superior comfort but protects in any bad event. It also comes with harness cover, plush head pillow, buckle cover and much more in the row. These all accessories aid into optimum riding experience and join hands in rendering extra safety.

In the end, the seat is machine washable. If you see your kid has spilled something on it, a bar of soap with some water could be helpful to restore the actual texture of the car.

The car seat lets your kid have multiple positions, let your kid enjoys a different position without putting them on a risk.

It also comes with two cup holders for one the go snack and drinks. So, you can eat while riding and if something spills, you can wash without any fear.


  • It comes in eight different colors to compliment your car interior
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Comes with excellent impact protection
  • Meets and exceeds international safety standards
  • It converts into a forward-facing car seat
  • The forward-facing weight limit up 120 pounds
  • Built-in foam liner that helps protects against accident
  • Machine washable cover


  • The sharp edge can tear a hole in your leather car seat
  • Hard to tighten the harness
  • Terrible customer care

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5) UPPAbaby MESA Infant convertible rear-facing car seat for small car

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The car seat shares impressive features compare to any other product added to this list. And the price of the product goes accordingly, if you are running short on budget and looking for something cheap, this might not be the option for you.

The convertible rear-facing car seat shares many impressive features. One particular feature of the kind is its infant insert to keep and protect newborn babies.

It comes with an adjustable headrest. For the infant, the headrest might not offer any use, but when your kid grows taller, the head will continue to support them as long as for years. The rear-facing of the weight of the car seat falls between 4 to 35 pounds with its no threat harness what makes it easy to get straps to the right height.

Best convertible rear-facing car seat

The installation of the car seat is very easy. Users do not have to go through a long process to have it installed rightly. It also comes with an indicator window that shows the status of whether the seat is installed correctly. The indicator turns red to green and provides visual confirmation if the seat is installed right.

The car seat is compatible with multiple stroller brands. About all top brands are included in the list, so you can make the car seat a little part of your travel system.

The car seat is little on the heavy side though. It would be cumbersome to carry it, and the same goes for switching the car seat with another.

The content of the seat is breathable and moisture-wicking. You can remove the cover and have it machine washed.


  • Compatible with multiple strollers, can be a part of your travel system
  • Installation is easy. It comes with a visual indicator to show whether the car seat is installed correctly
  • The adjustable headrest is very helpful
  • Removable infant insert for infants
  • Breathable fabric


  • Expensive
  • The straps cannot be removed to wash
  • Cumbersome to carry and switch

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How to buy an infant convertible rear-facing car seat for small cars?

Buying an infant convertible rear-facing car seat for a small car is not that easy. You have to pay attention to more than one feature and attributes. If you are buying a car seat for the first time, it will be hard for you to buy a quality product.

So, pay special attention to these features before deciding a product.

Dimensions of a car seat:

The dimensions of a car seat play a key significance if you have a small car. If a seat does not fit your small car what the use it would offer to you. So, pay attention to the width, depth, and height of a car seat prior to making up a mind of buying one.

If you are going to fit three car seats on the back, the width will halt the biggest issue.

The depth of a car seat is also worth considering attributes. Especially, if you have a passenger on the front seat, that would not be able to have a smooth journey in the presence of a big car seat.

So, the dimensions are important. Once you find something fitting your dimensions, look for the other features.

Height and weight limit:

The second consideration while buying a quality rear-facing car seat should be the weight limit of the seat and height. For a smaller car, you should look for a smaller range of weight and height. But, a smaller range of weight and height limit is going to make you spend twice.

Because, if you buy a lower range car seat, in the coming months, your baby would not stand fit and you have to buy another range of car seats. So, try your best to get a car seat that offers extended weight and height limits in the range of your compact car dimensions.

I would like you to recommend to get a car seat with a high height limit as possible. So that your bundle of joy can continue riding rear-facing until it crosses 2.

Stroller tethering

If your car seat is compatible with your stroller it will add great convenience. You can easily tether the car seat with the stroller and enjoy the maneuverability around.

But, as we are here to browse car seats for a small car, chances are that you will have a small truck. So, first, have a compact stroller that you could carry around than look for the compatibility feature.


Before getting the right use of these car seats, you will have to first install them. If the product is difficult to install or you are having a hard time installing and removing it, it will hunt you down in the long-run.

In a day, you might have to install and remove the car seat multiple times, so look for a seat that is easier to install and comes with easy to understand and read the user manual.

Some of the car seats come with visuals that show whether the seat is rightly installed or not. So, if you had to spend some extra bucks in housing such features, do not back-off, and spend some extra. These features are very useful and aids in making installation easier.


Today’s car seat market is over flooded with dozens of brands and hundreds of products. It is not easier to opt-with one brand or product, as we always want to house the best replica of our money. In our case of buying a convertible rear-facing car seat for a small car, it is even harder.

In this guide, we tried our best to come up with the best products possible. These products have gone through our rigorous testing process and fallen right on your benchmarks. So, rests assure that this product will render optimum performance without any big difficulty.

We hope that this guide will make you find the best product as per your needs and requirements.

Tell us in the comments what you chose: 


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