Best convertible car seat for tall baby [Buying Guide] reviews 2021

best convertible car seat for tall baby


Picking a car seat for your baby is tricky. And if your baby is on the taller side, the hunt can go a little astronomical as well. Do not panic we are here to help you, to make you find the

Best convertible car seat for a tall baby


The list is curated after a great research mechanism team had to spend hours searching for the best products available on the market. The list will see the top-rated, most followed convertible car seat for a tall baby. So, do not roam around and read this post to the end.

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For a parent, the number one priority when it comes to travelling is safety. You always need to know whether your baby will be safe while riding or in a particular car seat? Safety is not only related to car seat construction means everything you buy, but the first and foremost priority is also safety.

Best convertible car seat for a tall baby

So, these car seats are going to help you take your baby our; as safe as possible. You do not have to worry about the fussy baby in the back seat frame will be perfectly comfortable and playing the car seat.

1) Britax Marathon a ClickTight Convertible Car Seat

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Britax is one of the top-ranked, top followed and most loved brands in the world of baby products manufacturing. The brand has earned a huge name in producing top-notch, high-performing and easy to use products. The same goes in the world of car seats for taller babies.

Best convertible car seat for tall baby [Buying Guide] reviews 2021

This car seat stands out due to its impressive and unparalleled features. It falls right on every safety, use, performance, and quality and security criterion and helps you have a seamless, undisturbed and smooth journey.

The car seat comes in an interesting colour scheme. So, you or your baby can choose the desired colour; the one which complements your car’s interior, pick your favourite colour and brighten up your riding experience.

The car seat shares a robust and sturdy construction of the steel frame. The steel frame marries with the deep energy-absorbing shell to shield your baby from any side impacts and accidents.

The car seat inherited a v-shaped tether shape that minimizes the rotation. It comes with an adjustable easy harness that lets you change the height of the car seat with just one push of the button.

As long as the installation is concerned the car seat has no comparison. As per the latest survey, around half of the car seat installs incorrectly just because they are difficult to install and users have to go through a long process. That’s why the brand has come up with an innovative installation mechanism that provides users one-click installation. So, thanks to the Click Tight installation, that helps you have a smooth and error-free installation.

The car seat comes with multiple recline positions, to ensure your kid is having a comfortable smooth journey.

The weight range of the Britax Marathon car seat for rear-facing is around 6-40 pounds, and for forwarding-facing is 20-65 pounds.

The life span of the car seat is more than average. It stands lifetime, and if you or your kid is not harsh on it, the car seat can go for almost a decade.

The last but not the least, the car seat is constructed in the United States of America. So, it meets and exceeds safety and security standards. One can rely on the car seat and have it on board for a smooth, error-free and undisturbed journey.


  • Life-long lifespan
  • Quick installation due to Click Tight installation mechanism
  • Seven recline position
  • Great colours to choose from
  • It meets international safety standards


  • To wash it, the entire seat has to be reassembled

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2) Maxi-Cosi Pria 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat

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The next product is also a renowned brand and top-selling one. This product comes with a number of impressive features and never compromise on the safety of your toddler.

The product adheres to multiple direction crash management mechanisms. Its Flex Tech safety feature exceeds international standards and withstands crash tests with flying colours. It protects your toddler from a side-impact, and absorbs the energy coming from any side. The product is designed by top car safety experts, so have it onboard if you want to ensure the safety of your kid.

This convertible car seat for a tall baby comes in two modes. For rear-facing mode, the weight range of the car seat falls 4-40 pounds while forward-facing up to 65 pounds.

The installation of the car seat goes hand in hand. It comes with a triple position recline to ensure an adequate position for your baby.

The seat integrates soft padding; the harness covers are easy to wash using a washing machine. You do not need to rethread the harness, just take it out and clean it.

Its premium soft padding ensures comfortable and error-free riding. The fabric adheres to a deodorizing component to draw liquid from the baby’s soft skin, keeping it dry all the time during the ride.

In a nutshell, the car seat is safe, affordable, meets international safety standards and also ensures comfort. Its soft and self-wicking fabric will ensure that your baby gets a comfortable riding.


  • The product passes with flying colours when it comes to safety standards. Its innovative FlexTech features withstand any crash and help secure your baby from any side impact.
  • It is a convertible car seat, can be turned into a rear as well as forward-facing mode.
  • Soft, premium padding ensures the hassle-free journey
  • Comes in hands at an affordable price


  • Smaller cup holders

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3) Chicco NextFitiX Zip Convertible Car Seat

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It is my most favorite car seat and believes me it is going to transition your baby journey. The car seat has to offer nine recline position that helps your baby achieve enhanced experience while riding. Its innovative level positioning system achieves the perfect angle and notifies if the seat is installed correctly.

The car seat grows with your kid. From using it for a newborn baby to it as a toddler, you will find the car seat’s most trustworthy riding companion.

The seat includes a headrest adjustment that adjusts the head position as your baby grows.

This car seat comes with rear-facing and forward-facing mode. That means you can convert it into a forward-facing if your kid outgrows rear-facing. The rear-facing weight range is from 5 to 40 pounds, while for forward-facing the weight limit is from 22 to 65 pounds.

Its Next Fit features help the users to zip off the seat padding and wash them.

Its integration with the EPS energy-absorbing foam protects your baby from side impacts. In case of any accident, the car seat is not going de-structure due to its steel frame.

Best convertible car seat for tall baby [Buying Guide] reviews 2021

The car seat is a little on the bulky side. So, if you do not have a stroller, and want to lift your kid with the car seat, it would be difficult for you.

It is no doubt a durable model that keeps your baby safe at all times. It is a hands-down option, as it goes for a lifetime. You would not have to worry about buying anything car seat when your baby outgrows rear-facing, just convert it into a forward-facing and get it onboard again.

Its NexFit tech is going to offer a superbly comfortable and superior riding experience with keeping your baby safe.


  • Easy zip-off seat pad
  • Machine washable seat padding
  • The EPS energy-absorbing foam is going to help you in case of any crash.
  • Nine reclining positions are amazing
  • Renders maximum protection and optimum comfort


  • On the bulkier side

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4) Eddie Bauer XRS 65

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The next model that falls right on our consideration is Eddie Bauer XRS 65; the car seat showcases a nice, stylish design. It is a compact car seat that fits in small cars easily.

Other than that, it comes with a slightly taller height to fits the needs of taller babies without any issue.

It is a convertible car seat, can be used as a rear-facing as well as a front-facing car seat. With the rear-facing position, the weight limit is from 5 to 40 pounds while the height of the baby should be one inch below the top of the seat.

In front-facing mode, the weight limit is from 22 to 65 pounds with a maximum height of up to 52 inches.

Its features, specs and other attributes fit the needs of a tall baby. You can say it is specially designed for the baby’s little taller on the side. The height and weight limit of the car seat are great, you would not see this range in any other car seat. The car seat does not fall right on your need if the baby is lower than 5 pounds of weight.

It shares a five-point harness system that secures and fits the baby properly. The seat also boasts an infant insert that provides a snug fit for a toddler. The integration of a removable cup holder and special latch system has given a lot of ease to busy parents.


  • Impressive height and weight limit suits taller babies
  • Five points harness secures baby from all side
  • Easy latch system
  • The compact model allows fitting three of the same size car seat on the back
  • Affordable price range.


  • Not an option for a baby less than 5 pounds of weight
  • The harness adjustment wants a manual rethreading

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5) Maxi-Cosi Pria 85 Convertible Car Seat

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If you are looking for a convertible car seat for tall baby with an easy installation feature, your search ends here. The car seat brand has an innovative and easiest installation system that lets the users install it without going through any long process. The high-tech installation system calls a quick click that lets users open and closes with one hand.

The car seat shares an ingenious harness; you do not have to fight against the straps while getting your baby out from the car seat.

Best convertible car seat for tall baby [Buying Guide] reviews 2021

It has many cushions and padding to render ultimate comfort for taller babies. Riding with the car seat would be more like riding a giant bubble full of features.

The pads of the car seat are machine washable, safe for the dryer. The car seat is a little higher than usual, allow your baby to witness the surrounding out of the window.

It has a unique Flex Tech mechanism that evenly distributes the absorb shock forces and let no impact come on your kid. Yes, it does not have a steel frame; still, it meets the international safety standards. The car seat is lighter and easier in transport, which is a big plus point.

The installation of this padding is not easy. It takes time and users will have to read through hundreds of lines to get this done correctly. And baby’s resting position at level 3 takes lots of space and it can be an issue in a small car.

For lower anchor connectors, the seat comes with an anchor connector. So, make sure to have a check on the lower anchor before embarking. Another impressive feature of the car seat, 10-years long warranty. So, if you are spending a lot of money, a 10-years warranty span gives you peace of mind.


  • The fabric of the car seat is machine washable and breathable as well
  • Padding and cushion make the journey hassle-free
  • Three recline position
  • It meets international safety standards


  • At level three, the seat becomes narrow for taller kids
  • Tightening the straps is a little difficult

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How to buy the best car seat for a taller baby?

Infant car seats are designed to provide a safe and hassle-free journey. Always put your kid your infant in a rear-facing position rather than forward-facing. As the experts say, the rear-facing offers five times more protection in case of any crash.

So, if you are buying the car seat for your taller baby and finding it overwhelming, we have some suggestions.

Gauge your product on the mentioned yardstick and buy one that falls right on the criterion.


The size of a car seat plays a significant role. As you are going to install the car seat in a small car, and if the seat does not fit the car, there will be no use of it. So, the first and most important attribute to check the dimensions of the car seat and match them with your car.

That’s the first step; buy a car seat that fits in your car. As the baby is going to sit in the car, you just cannot slide the car seat on the roads.


The second most important consideration of a car seat for larger babies is weight. When you have your baby in car seating and it is sleeping. Would you unbuckle him and wake him up? No, you will just take out the car seat along with the baby. So, now you carry the car seat with your baby. It would be hard for you to take a walk in a grocery store while lifting him. So, always consider the weight of a are seat before buying, as it would be hard to carry a cumbersome car seat.

Safety features:

You are using a rear-facing car seat just for safety purposes. The rear-facing mode is considered five times safer for toddlers. If the car seat is not safe, it does not meet the international safety standards, and it does not withstand a crash, what’s the use of that?

Look for the safety features, its energy absorption padding, and other things before giving a final shot. If a product does not meet the international safety standards, do go for it.

Easier installation:

Installation is another important and must look feature while buying a car seat. I have been reading through a study recording kid’s travelling safety gear. Where it was mentioned that about half of the car seat users install in their cars are incorrect. That means if a crash happens, the safety features or measures implanted by the brand would come no use. So, the reason for that incorrect installation was a difficult installation. Those car seats were difficult to install and come with no detailed user manual. Look for a car seat that comes with a user manual where the installation process is elaborated in detail. And behold if it is easy to install or not.

If you see the installation process involves more than one stop, do not fall for it and opt-with something other.

Easy to clean:

Yes, babies get dirty easily. They love to consume beverages, ice-cream, chocolate, and other stuff. And in the mid-way of eating these things, they can just throw anything off. You know they get angry with almost anything. So, before buying a car seat for taller babies, look whether the car seat is easy to clean or not. Check its cover, and gaze if it can be removed?

Is it comfortable?

Yes, a baby would not be able to sit for hours in a sit which is uncomfortable. They might not be able to tell you vividly, but their often crying can tell the scenario. So, lots of padding, cushions, ng, and more than one recline position can help them feel comfortable and cherish riding.


In this post, we have reviewed our tops picks. These products as per our expertise and research are the best. You can review these products, read through their advantages and disadvantages and upon fully satisfying, can buy any of them. We tried to put, expensive as well as a cheaper car seat to give a range of users an option.

One last thing, do not fall for the aesthetics or extra bells and whistles. Look for a sturdy, qualitative and safer option. As when riding with your kid, safety should be your utmost priority. The other things come secondary, and if you get to choose between a simple and a fancy model that features extra accessories and features at the same price range, opt-with the later.

We are pretty hopeful you like this guide. And we think that if you follow the buying guide, you will be able to find the best convertible car seat for tall baby.

Tell us in the comments what you chose: