Best car seat for 2 year old [Buying Guide] reviews 2021

Best car seat for 2 year old [Buying Guide] reviews 2020

Best car seat for 2-year-old

When it is about travelling with our kids; safety is the number one priority. You know that we cannot travel with kids without car seats. So indirectly buying the Best car seat for 2-year-old direct influences safety and security features. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that kids should be travelling rear-facing as long as they reach two years. Keeping them rear-facing would bring no harm in case of any unfortunate car crash. The impact on your kid would be minimum, and the collision will bring no major injury including internal organs.


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So, in this post, we will break down the Best car seat for 2-year-old.

Let’s review the top products and behold their top features.

Best car seat for 2-year-old to buy 2021:

These are our top recommendations for small car seats. These car seats have been chosen after hours of research. Our team members check each and every product, their spec, features, and different areas before adding this to the list. Without further ado let’s get started.

1) Graco 4Ever DLX 4 in 1 Car Seat

Best car seat for 2 year old [Buying Guide] reviews 2020

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If you want to invest in the future and looking for all in one car seat that offers different modes of use, your search ends with Graco 4Ever DLX 4 in 1 car seat. This convertible car seat offers rear-facing, forward-facing, a high-back booster, and backless booster modes and comes with all arrangements required for each mode.

The car seat makes an ideal choice and lasts until your kid is big enough to ride without a car seat.

The rear-facing mode of the car seat holds 4-40 pounds, forward-facing 22-65 pounds, and being a back booster, it occupies children with a weight range of 30 to 120 pounds.

The car eats offers 10 adjustable headrest positions and six recline settings. The biggest advantage of the car seat is its installation. Installation is a breeze, it requires just a second to get rightly installed with InRight Latch System and simply safe adjust harness.

Ease of installation and safety are the highest-rated feature of the Graco convertible car seat. It makes your journey hassle-free, and help you move your kid between the car easier.

The car seat has been tested for the crash test, side-impact test and ensures the full safety of your kid. It exceeds international safety standards and has the highest customer satisfaction rating.

Its EPS energy-absorbing foam and steel reinforced frame enhanced the safety standards. Yes, it costs big money, but that investment would save you from any further money spent on a car seat.


  • Machine washable covers
  • Two cup holders
  • Ten years of life span
  • Enhanced comfortability
  • Exceeds international safety and security standards
  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy to move from one car to the other


  • Expensive
  • Bulky

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2) Graco Extend2Fit 3 In 1 Car Seat



Best car seat for 2 year old [Buying Guide] reviews 2020

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Another Graco product holds kid from 4-50 pounds in rear-facing and 22-65 pounds in forwarding-facing.

This product helps you to put a 50-pound baby in rear-facing until he walks on his feet.

The car seat offers six recline adjustment and ten headrest settings. Your child will enjoy a peaceful and comfortable riding for hours. Its impressive padded seats offer the ultimate comfortable sleeping between long rides. The seat shares a sturdy construction and rated 4.7 for its material quality.

It comes with a simple safe adjust harness system; a five-point harness system renders optimum protection to your kid. Even if an unfortunate accident happens, you would not see any damage to the car seat or your kid due to its steel frame construction.

There is also a four-position leg extension. With its safe Adjust harness system, your kid will adjust to different heights.

Its innovative latch system will help you hook onto your car within a second. It comes with the removable cup holders, what you can remove if space is needed. The seat meets and exceeds international safety standards for the crash and side-impact testing.

There are some issues about this product; the warning label can heat up excessively, making your kid’s back sweaty. The seat itself is amazing, and offers a comfortable riding experience.


  • Extra legroom is helpful for taller babies
  • Two removable cup holders, that can be removed to get some space
  • Machine washable seat covers
  • Innovative latch system that hooks onto the car within one second.


  • Bulky
  • Warning label can heat up excessively

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3) Evenflo Evolve Platinum 3-In-1 Combination Booster Seat

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Evenflo is one of the leading names in the world of baby products manufacturing. This is a forward-facing seat with a high back booster. Its five-point harness acts as a solid seatbelt and protects your child if any misfortune happens. The seat handles the weight of kids from 22 to 120 pounds.

This 3 in 1 car seat offers a booster seat. The booster seat will elevate your kid enough to have seatbelt wrapped around his body.

The seat comes with two cup holders. The cup holders help your kids to enjoy drinking or snacks while riding.

The seat meets and exceeds international safety standards and helps users enjoy safe riding with side impact protection. The latest safety features the seat there is something parents can count on if some accident happens.

The sure safe installation connector made installation a breeze. You can easily install the car seat, the seat belt can be tucked into the buckle seat. The ease of installation of this car is rated 4.9.

With its energy-absorbing material integrated and more significant area of protection, the Evolve has proven its name in safety and sturdiness.

Some parents reviewed that the buckle loosens up over time, but you can replace that with a seatbelt.

Some also mentioned that head wings can be bulky on children’s heads.


  • Extended lifespan
  • Easy to install
  • Energy-absorbing material integrated
  • Soft padding
  • Two cup holders


  • Big heads wings, bulky over kids heads
  • The headrest is not removable

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4) Cosco Apt 50 Convertible Car Seat

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Cosco has designed something amazing for infants. With two modes of use, the car seat accommodates infants from 5 pounds to 40 pounds in rear-facing and up to 50 pounds in forwarding-facing.

The best thing about the car seat is its affordable price. It comes in hands under $60, and a car seat that is rated for 50 pounds weight, the price is on the low side.

Its five-point harness adjusts easily from the front of the seat and it also features 6 heights and 4 buckle locations. Your kid would love to enjoy the ride, as different height really helps in a long journey.

In both rear-facing and forward-facing, it integrates side impact protection. The side impacts are really safe, as it would protect your kid in some unfortunate incidents.

The cover of the car seats is machine washable. You can easily remove those in a washing machine and dry if your kid has a spilled cold drink or anything else.

The car seat is perfect for travel as well. It is certified for use on flights as well as on cars. It gives your kid a familiar seating on a flight, without any difficulty.

The car seat just weighs 11 pounds. Switching from one car to another would be a breeze. You can easily tether the car seat in a stroller; it is compatible with most of the stroller available on the market.

The car seat is rated for 50 pounds kid, it is definitely a plus point for the kids that do not have high to safely use a booster seat.

So, in a nutshell, the car seat is safe for use for kids up to 50 pounds of weight. It is easy to remove for forwarding-facing and rear-facing, side protection helps a lot.


  • Installation is easy
  • The car seat accommodates kids up to 50 pounds
  • The five-point harness adjusts easily 6 heights and 3 buckle position
  • The extra padding helps in comfortability
  • Easily remove the covers to machine wash the covers
  • Perfect for travel in airplanes as well
  • Tested and trusted for crash and side impacts


  • Does not integrates advance features
  • Too narrow

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5) Diono Radian 3R All-in-One Convertible Car Seat

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If you are looking for a long-range convertible car seat that is lightweight and comes in hands at an affordable price range, go with Diono Radian all in one convertible car seat. Diono, though is a new name in the world of baby products manufacturing, the brand has given a tough competition to the top-notch brands.

From birth keep your little one rear-facing to 40 pounds and your little bundle of joy grows in forward-facing to 100 pounds. The car seat goes with you as long as for 10-years, protects your kid for your entire childhood.

The car seats integrate the highest safety features. This inherits innovative safety standards and boasts a sleek and slim design that allows you to fit three across.

Best car seat for 2-year-old

With the car seat onboard, now your family can travel together.

The innovative car seat integrated automotive strength steel frame. The car seat engineered into a dual spine manages to dissipate energy with the unyielding structure to protect your baby.

Its super latch system makes the installation a breeze. You would easily be installing the car seat. Easy to remove as well, tether the car seat with a stroller and makes your journey seamless.

The car seat shares a business class comfort. It has a design inspired by the European style with bright soft fabric covers and memory foam seat bottom, lined with energy-absorbing panels.

It is designed and manufacture in the United States meets and exceeds international safety standards. So, you do not have to worry about the safety and security of the car seats.

So you are driving in the world of FAA-approved car seat, it is integrated with aircraft, so have a safe journey in aircraft.

Yes, the car seat weighs 28 pounds. And the heaviest car seat on our list. It might not be easy for a user to carry a kid along with the car seat. The only reason, I added the car seat is it is equally useful for traveling for casual as well as traveling.

It converts to a booster and is rated up to 100 pounds in booster mode. So, have the car seat on board, and enjoy a seamless, safe and comfortable journey at an affordable price range.


  • Best booster car seat up to 100 pounds weight
  • It meets and exceeds USA safety and security standards
  • Inherited advanced safety features
  • It boasts a slim and sleek design
  • The radian 3R built with automotive strength steel engineered with dual spine
  • Energy-absorbing foam


  • Heavy
  • Cumbersome to carry around

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How to buy the Best car seat for a 2-year-old?

It is easy to build up lots of baby gears. So, when you manage to find something that multitasks, it feels like a big parenting win. A convertible best high-end car seat helps you convert into a rear-facing and forward-facing with the just blink of an eye.

We have reviewed our top 5 products. These products are top-rated and most selling. You can count on these car seats for your hard-earned money. In case, you do not like these products, the buying guide helps you choose a quality product. So, have a read of this section and get the best product as per your need and desire.

Safety indicators:

Some car seats come with built-in levelling system indicators that help users to have a correct installation.

So, look for the features that help in easy installation. Like an innovative latch system helps parents to easily install the car seat. The latch system should also indicate whether or not the seat is installed correctly.

Another important safety gear to look into a car seat is it should be certified for international safety standards. About all of the products meet and exceed the international safety standards, so look for the certification.

Side impacts protection is another feature. Side impacts protection absorbs the shocks in case an accident happens.


In the best 2 years old car seat besides looking for the style also looks for the fabric. The fabric should be of high quality, and it should not condense the rider nor suffocate.

The fabric should be machine washable. So that in case of a kid spills drinks or anything else, you could clean it up without any difficulty.


Check for the date of expiration, it will tell you how long you can utilize the car seat. Some parents prefer to buy a car seat that lasts up to 10-12 years. They look for a one-time investment, so you would not be buying any other car seat for as long as 12 years.

The durable car seat that offers an extended lifespan is mostly convertible car seats. Those car seats convert into a rear-facing and forward-facing mode for an infant to a toddler.

Using a car seat in a plane:

For the users who want to use their car seats on a plane, it is imperative to note that you can use a portable seat on a plane only if it is FAA certified. So, look for this certification as well if you are planning to carry your car seat on a plane.

Slim design:

For flying with a 2-years old car seat, you need to meet a special criterion. The seat needs to be slim. So that parents could take them along with the baby. The ideal weight for a smart and slim car seat is around 16-22 inches. That is the most recommended and used width of a car seat, bigger than that might not fit well in an airplane seat.

Multi-position adjustable head support:

A 2 years old car seat should also come with multi-position adjustable head support. The multi-position offers a parent to adjust the seat position and adjust the head as well. The headrest adjustable offers a snug-fitting, your kid will enjoy the ride in a comfortable environment.

The padding should be thick and comfortable; the buckle should be tight and offers great coverage.


A common misconception about a car seat is the expensive car seat is more comfortable and will function better and longer, to some extent that is true; but not in all cases.

The cheap range of car seats can be durable and function better. It is all about expertise. If you have experience of buying a car seat and do know what to look while buying, you will have a quality seat.

If you are more into the looks and aesthetics, you might land on a good looking, sub-standard lacks safety features a car seat.


We have reviewed our top best high-end car seats. In this list, we added top-notch products that are highly rated and most selling.

In the last section, we also put a buying guide. The buying guide leads you to buy quality products and narrate the most important things to look into a high-end car seat.

So, even if you are a novice and had no prior experience of buying a car seat, the guide can make you learn the most important points of a car seat.

The last advice, we would like to share with you guys is, do not fall for the aesthetics or looks. Go with the specs or features in a model that are important for the safety and comfort of your little bundle of joys.

What’s your favorite travel car seat for a 1 year old? Tell us in the comments below!